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That’s My Jam: April ’13

Published May 2, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

I’m actually going to skip a lot of songs that I’ve listened to this past month, because they’re part of a mixy I want to make for a book I just read. I’ll be posting more on that in the next few days. But For now, here’s the majority of April’s music. This month it’s in no particular order, as I’m going kinda quick with it. I just had out of town company (which was awesome) and I have the next two hours to clean up the house before more company arrives tomorrow. So yeah…I’ll write more on that too I guess. lol. Here we go.

Hope you enjoyed it. And as always, if you have any music suggestions, feel free to leave me links in the comments. I like ALL genres of music, so have at it!


“That’s My Jam” March ’13

Published March 31, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Taking a short break from the article writing to post this month’s “That’s My Jam”. This month there are a couple covers, a couple repeats, and some serious Lindsey love. Hope you enjoy it, and as always, if you have any songs you think I’d like to hear, feel free to leave a link or something in the comments. I’m always looking for new music.

First, I’ll lump my top three (current) favorite Lindsey Stirling songs together. She’s so amazing. The first song is a beautiful cover that I like as much (if not more than) the original. The second song has a really cool video to it, and makes me want to dance again. And the third song is just so fun to listen to. Here you go:

Radioactive by Lindsey Sitrling and Pentatonix

Shadows by Lindsey Stirling

Moon Trance by Lindsey Stirling

Here’s the original version of Radioactive, for good measure:

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

These next three songs were shared with me by three different friends. They’re pretty awesome. (The songs and my friends):

Fotografia by Juanes Ft. Nelly Furtado

When They Come For Me by Linkin Park

Madness by Muse

This next song makes me think of my partner. I consider buying him flowers every time I go to the store. I’ve only done it once cause well…they’re freakin’ flowers. lol.:

Flowers by Emilie Simon

A few songs I just happened to stumble across that I really like:

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight by Low Roar

Don’t Stay Here by Frames

Time (Queensway Remix) by Chase and Status

I’m Not Yours by Angus and Julia Stone

The Harvest (Zenji Remix) by Tribal Seeds

Brass Goggles by Steam Powered Giraffe

Two songs my partner got me hooked on:

Internet Friends by Knife Party

Beam Me Up by Cazzette

And let’s round it off with my favorite classical song made into a trippy video:

Nocturne in E-Flat Major, Opus 9 No.2 by Chopin

You and I

Published March 10, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Hmm…I just now discovered that the little “inspire me” button is a writing prompt generator. I guess I should have known that, but I don’t really use anything other than the “new post” button. I’ve looked at other wordpress blogs though, and they have different pages with a top navigation bar, making it more of an authentic website rather than just the blog page that I have. Wish I could figure out how to do that. If anybody knows, please let me know.

Anyway, I’m supposed to think of a moment that changed my life. It would probably be when I found out my spouse was interested in me. The guy who performed our wedding was actually the one who told me that he was interested, one night at work while he was rather intoxicated. I’m pretty sure that my partner’s interest was supposed to be a secret, but…oops. It was at that point that I noticed that my now-spouse was following me from stage to stage. If I was on two, he was behind bar two. If I was in the executive room, so was he. Apparently he had been doing this for about a year and I never noticed it. Finding out that this wonderful, smart, kind, funny person actually liked me (drunk, miserable, depressed, and messed up in general) was like a breath of fresh air. For the first time since I was a teenager, I felt like there was a potential for me to be happy. I knew that this person, who could at the very least become a wonderful new friend, could assist me in opening myself up to a more positive lifestyle. And maybe in return I could nudge him a little closer to life on the edge. Adventure. I could get him out of his shell and we could develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Then I went and fell in love with him. (I still wanna squeal like a teeny-bopper when I think about how much I adore him.)

Being with my partner has changed my life for the better. I’m a happier person now. Much much happier. I strive to do good things, see positivity, and make my mark on the world. I’ve met someone that I want to make proud of me. Someone I’m very proud of. And to me, he is perfect.

Alright…enough gushing. I’ll stop.

Just kidding. Here. Have a happy love song.

That’s My Jam: Feb. ’13

Published February 28, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

So I use the favorite feature on youtube like…a lot. I basically find songs I like, fave them, and then go down the list and play them over and over. Anyway, I figured I’d share all the songs I’ve been listening to on youtube for this past month. Most of them aren’t new, but that’s fine. So here you go. This is my jam right here.

Drumming Song by Florence and the Machine:

Vermillion Part 2 by Slipknot:

Right Where It Belongs by Nine Inch Nails:

Eternal by Evanescence:

The Humbling River by Puscifer:

Chopin’s Nocturne Dubstep Remix by SixSickSix:

Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols:

Bring Her Head Back by Angelica:

Thirteen Thirtyfive by Dillon:

Youth by Daughter:

Silence by Lucia:

Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men:

And as a bonus, go to this link and click the last song on the playlist. Wait by Alex Vans and the Hideaway:

So there you go. My most played songs for this month. There are more, but I picked the ones that I listened to the most, and I avoided band repeats. I hope you enjoy them, and if you have any music suggestions, be sure to leave them in the comments. As you can probably tell (assuming you listened to any of this stuff) I listen to just about any genre. And I’m always looking for new music. So have at it.

Playing Music All Day Long

Published February 21, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

I still make mixies. Not mix tapes, cause I don’t have a tape deck in my car. but I make mixed CDs to listen to. Ipods are well and good (actually, I hate iTunes, so they’re not. I really want this: ) but I do like to have a choice of what songs to listen to based on how I’m feeling. And I know it’s only February, but it takes me awhile to make mixies. And with the warm-ish weather I had the pleasure of experiencing today, I think that it’s time I start thinking about my Spring/Summer ’13 mixy. I know Summer Song by Leddra Chapman will have to go on there, but I’m not sure what else to put on it. Suggestions would be nice. Think of those songs you blast when you open all your doors and windows for a good spring clean. Something upbeat and happy would be nice. Really, go youtube Summer Song and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about. I like British music, and I like stuff that I can sing along to, so I listen to primarily female vocalists.

I also need a new Night Driving mixy. Being that we live on a nocturnal schedule, I do most of my driving around at night. Some songs I know I’ll put on that one are Distractions by Zero 7 and Michael Meets Mozart by The Piano Guys. You should look those up too. I like my night music to be heavy on the piano or violin, laid back, and again, stuff I can sing/hum along to. I like every genre really, but I’m picky about individual songs. Right now I’m obsessing over this Chopin dubstep remix. (Look up Chopin – Nocturne (SixSickSix Dubstep Remix) on youtube.) I might put that on my night mixy, but I’m not sure yet.

I’m rambling. Obsessing over music. I just wanted to write something. Talk to someone. One of my friends is coming over tonight and I’m going to make him watch Secretary with me. (He’s never seen it! Blasphemy!) But he won’t be here for another hour and a half, so I’m trying to think of things to do in the meantime. My new medication seems to make me not like being alone. I wish I had more friends.