Perfected Silk Web Crochet Pattern (Free to Use)

Published October 31, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

I swear, it’s totally a coincidence that it’s Halloween and my first pattern is a spider web. lol.

So I was in Joann’s, picking up more materials for my store, and I saw a “No Sew Jack Skellington Fleece Throw Kit” for half off. Of freakin’ course I snatched it up…then used my 40% off coupon… I’ve purchased the no sew kits before, although they’re a different brand, and then cut them to size and crocheted borders on them to make baby blankets. But I wanted to keep this one for myself, so I was going to leave it 50x60in. Anyway, I get it home and take it out of the wrapping, and I notice that the purple border has white lines on it…damn “cut here” marks. The other brands don’t have those. Well, if you’ve ever tried a no sew kit, you know that you have to cut the corners off. So now I have this awesome throw that I DON’T want to cut, and it has big blank spots in the corners. See?


I figured what I’d do is cut off the squares in the corners, and attach some sort of granny square. Just for a little added flare, and because I had nothing else better to do. So I scoured the interwebz looking for a gothy granny square, and came across this spider web pattern. And here’s a picture of my results:


The pattern was cool, but I didn’t like it. The center seems too dense, and I was having a hard time stretching the square enough so the web part didn’t bucket. After trying three times and getting pretty irritated with my results, I decided I’d make one of my own. So here’s MY pattern, inspired by this one. I’ve never written out a crochet pattern before, so bear with me.

(If you would like to use this pattern for items to sell, you are more than welcome. Please link to this blog post in your listings. You may not repost this pattern, claim it as your own, or sell it. Thank you.)

Perfected Silk Web Crochet Pattern by Carmen Lamiarum:


~ 1 roll of Patons silk bamboo yarn (I used the color “stone”)

~ Size K crochet hook

~ Scissors


~ ch – chain

~ dc – double crochet

~ sl st – slip stitch

Round 1 (FIGHT!): Ch6, join with a sl st in the first link to form a ring.


Round 2: Ch5 (counts as first dc and ch2), *dc in the ring, ch2* repeat from * to * 7 times. Join with sl st in the 3rd link of initial ch5. (8 dc in the ring)


Round 3: Ch7 (counts as first dc and ch4). *Dc in the dc from the previous round, ch4* repeat from * to * 7 times. Join with a sl st to the 3rd link of initial ch7 (still 8 dc).


Round 4: Ch9 (counts as first dc and ch6). *Dc in the dc from the previous round, ch6* repeat from * to * 7 times. Join with a sl st to the 3rd link of initial ch9 (STILL 8 dc).


Round 5 (pay attention): Ch11 (counts as first dc and ch8). Dc in the dc of previous round, ch10 (this will begin to form the corners). Dc in the next dc of previous round, ch8. Alternate dc, ch10 and dc, ch8 around. You should end with a ch10. Sl St into the 3rd link of initial ch11. (This is where I take a moment to stretch the ch10 spaces to further establish where my corners are going to be.)


Round 6: Sl st into ch8 space and ch3 (counts as first dc). 2dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1, all in the ch8 space from the previous round. This makes your first “side”. Each side hereafter in this round will be a grouping of 3dc, ch1 3 times.


For the “corners”, 3dc, ch1, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1, all in the ch10 space.


repeat the “sides” instructions in every ch8 space, and the “corners” instructions in the ch10 spaces around. Join with a sl st in the 3rd link of initial ch3. Almost there.


Round 7: Ch3 (counts as first dc). 2dc in ch1 space from previous round, then ch1. 3dc, ch1 in the next ch1 space. Continue with 3dc, ch1 in each ch1 space around. When you reach the ch2 spaces that make up the corners, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch1 in the ch2 space of the previous round. (If you’ve made a granny square anything before, we’re just doing a standard granny square cluster all the way around.) After the last 3dc, ch1, join with a sl st to the initial ch3. Fasten off and FINISH HIM!!!


Notes: With my size and gauge materials, this square comes out to be about six inches. It takes about 5-10 minutes to make one. If you use a thicker yarn, you might have to adjust the number of ch3 clusters on the sides. I’m not sure. 3 clusters per ch8 space just seemed to fit right with this yarn. If there are any mistakes, please let me know in the comments and I will fix them. And if you make one of these, I’d love to see pictures of it! 🙂

I’m thinking tonight I might try to come up with a new pattern for an itsy bitsy spider to put in my webs. Not sure yet though. I haven’t attached the squares to the blanket yet, so I’ll decide that after I see how they look.


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