DeejStuff Vape Juices: A Review

Published October 3, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Well the Deejstuff juices I ordered have arrived and I picked up some spare tanks to test them all out and tell you what I think. My partner is helping me write this review, as he picked some of the flavors, so here we go:

What We Ordered:

~ 1 30ml bottle of “Honeysuckle” flavored juice. 8mg/ml nicotine. 70%PG/30%VG. “Push” (or 150% flavor strength)

~ 6 15ml bottles in the following flavors: “Lavender”, “Honeyed Figs”, “Dragon’s Nectar”, “Green Tea Honey Drops”, “Banana Nut Bread”, and “Watermelon Angel’s Breath”. All of them are 8mg/ml nicotine. 70%PG/30%VG. “Push” (or 150% flavor strength)

Total cost: $52.65 with free shipping over $50.

What We Are Using:

I am using a SMOK SID battery set at 4.5 volts. My spouse is using a Provari V2 set at 3.5 volts. We are also sharing a SmokTech E-pipe mod. All of the tanks we will use are Vision’s Vivi Novas with 2.4 ohm wicks. The tanks are new and have not been exposed to other flavors prior to our review.

Ordering and Shipping:

Gotta say, the website is fantastic. I love the way the juices are categorized and the menu has a simple and effective interface. The ability to create your own six pack of juices was also something I rarely see and greatly enjoy. Makes writing reviews like this much easier. The names for some of the custom juices were creative without being so obscure as to hide what the flavors are, and the descriptions of each flavor type are informative and to-the-point. I also really like that you can choose a “flavor strength” when you place your order. 100% is “normal”, 125% is “extra”, 150% is “push”, 175% is “nuclear”, and 200% is “apocalyptic”.

As for shipping…well, everything arrived pretty much when it should have. I was prepared to give a little leeway considering the government shutdown, but the juices still arrived in a timely fashion. Each bottle is marked with the date the juice was mixed (9/26, same day that we ordered) and they arrived 10/2. So from start to finish, it took six days (four business days) for our order to arrive. Not bad at all. Each bottle was shipped in an individual little bag, I guess to prevent any potential leaks from getting all over all the juices. The only negative thing I can say about the shipping process is that four out of the seven bottles did arrive having leaked a little bit inside the bags. The bottles and caps were inspected by us and nothing seems damaged. I think it was just a matter of the caps being screwed on loosely. But really, the leaking wasn’t too bad.


The Flavors:

~ Honeysuckle

What the website says: “If you ever loved the taste of Honeysuckle Nectar as a kid, you are going to LOVE this vape! It’s truly amazing!”

What we think: Honeysuckle, to me, doesn’t really taste like honeysuckle. But that’s not to say that it isn’t absolutely fantastic, and my chosen flavor of the month! I’ve already gone through four bottles of this stuff prior to ordering from DeejStuff directly, and I love love love this flavor. It walks a really thin line between not exactly floral and not exactly fruity. It does have a honeysuckle-ish flavor to it, but I would describe it as the taste of the SMELL of honeysuckle. Not the nectar itself. It also bites the tongue just a little bit. I wouldn’t say it’s spicy but you get a little tingle on the tip of your tongue. It’s really nice, really refreshing, and does invoke memories of myself as a child, running around the backyard in the southern summer heat.

~ Watermelon Angel’s Breath

What the website says: “Inspired by ECF’s AngelsBreath, this is a blending of Watermelon and Honeysuckle that simply must be tasted to be believed. It really is like the breath of an Angel! Well… WE think so, anyway! ”

What we think: It’s subtle and refreshing. I like it. I don’t love it, but I like it. If you’re looking for “real” watermelon flavor as opposed to “candy-ish” watermelon flavor, this is not going to do it for you. (But so far, I’ve yet to find a “real” watermelon vape flavor from anyone.) I can taste the sweet candy-like flavoring of the watermelon, and while the honeysuckle mix still gives you that little bite, it’s not as prevalent as I would personally like. However, I could certainly see myself reaching for this flavor in the spring and summer. The flavor is bold without being overpowering. And it gives a really nice throat hit.

~ Dragon’s Nectar

What the website says: “Dragons near and far all seek the elusive Dragon’s Nectar…Created with help from ECF’s own Spud006 Dragon’s Nectar is a blend of Dragonfruit, Peach, Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Green Tea.”

What we think: Whoo boy, what a delicious and complex flavor! The dragonfruit and the peach are certainly the frontrunners of this puzzling juice, but the cantaloupe and watermelon play a crucial role as well. I feel like the green tea serves as a sort of base for all these other flavors to stand on, and works as a nice comfortable after taste. Really, vaping this juice is like going on an adventure. I’m not sure what I’m going to taste the most each time I inhale. My only suggestion is to rename this juice to reference hobbits. Cause really, the words “there and back again” are on a loop in my mind. I totally dig this bold and complex flavor combo!

~ Banana Nut Bread

What the website says: “Banana nut bread. How can you go wrong?”

What we think: Believe me, Deej…you CAN go wrong! Fortunately for you, you haven’t. Banana Nut Bread is my spouse’s favorite flavor, and we’ve tried this flavor from a few other sites and stores. But yours goes above and beyond and is, undoubtedly, the best. First of all, it’s a flavor that actually tastes like the thing it’s made to taste like. I know that might sound silly, but it’s a rare occurrence. It’s a perfect balance of banana (that tastes like “real” banana, not “candy” banana), nuts (warm but not overpowering), and a slight hint of ground cinnamon…and maybe some nutmeg? I’m not sure, but I taste something else there. Just a little bit. Either way, it’s a great fall/winter flavor. I’m personally not partial to “warm” or “cake-like” flavors, but this one is fantastic. I can almost taste the crunchy outside and soft mushy inside of actual banana nut bread. Great job!

~ Green Tea Honey Drop

What the website says: “Green Tea sweetened with Honey!”

What we think: I was a little skeptical of this flavor at first. It was a toss up between this one or the peach champagne though, and I was really curious to know what exactly DeejStuff thought green tea should taste like. I was really expecting to feel like I was vaping a cough drop. But I was certainly wrong. It’s warm, subtle, crisp, and refreshing. The balance between the honey and the green tea is spot on. It’s also pretty thought-provoking. I’m swarmed by mental images and memories from every season, all of them peaceful and pleasant. I would recommend this flavor as a year-round choice, and for people who place a high value in feeling calm and comfortable.

~ Honeyed Figs

What the website says: “Figs and honey. An ancient combination… but still oh! so good!”

What we think: If the only fig you’ve ever tried is a “Fig Newton”, go out and buy the real thing so you can taste it before you buy this juice. It really tastes JUST like figs! The honey is actually a little more subtle in this one, but I like that. It just sweetens up the fig taste a little, and serves as a great complimentary flavor. For some reason, figs have always reminded me of old things that make me happy. Like antique stores. Or my grandma. You know, a little on the weird side, but welcoming and unforgettable. This flavor doesn’t miss the mark. I really really enjoy this, and would probably use it after a nice meal as a sort of dessert flavor.

~ Lavender

What the website says: “Ever think you could vape Lavender? Now you can! Let the soothing flavor and aroma be a part of your vaping experience!”

What we think: Honestly, I was scared to try this flavor. But it was also the one I was most excited about. I had in my mind this memory of visiting a good friend in Seattle and getting a honey lavender milkshake (first time I ever actually ate lavender anything) and it was so ridiculously good that I thought nothing would be able to compare. Well this vape juice is totally different, but just as good. It has a similar level of bite that the honeysuckle has, and tastes just the way lavender smells…which lavender smells just the way it tastes, so I’d call that a win. I really like that it’s floral, but not in an old-lady-perfume-headache kinda way. It’s floral in a new-age-yoga-pants kinda way. A hint of sweetness, a dash of floral, and just a tad spicy, this is a perfect flavor for the local dogwood festival in springtime.


The website is great, the shipping is fast, and the juices are stellar. The fact that all the juices are made in the USA just totally makes my day. The only real negative was the issue with the caps not being on tight enough. Everything else was simply fantastic, and I can’t wait to place my next order. I will certainly be passing out the business cards that were included in my order to my other vaping friends. 4.5/5!!! (Please make a lavender honey flavor? Please?)

To check out DeejStuff vape juices and place an order of your own, visit



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