Shelves Abound

Published October 2, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

I’ve been ill since Friday, but by today (Tuesday) I’m feeling much better. So since my spouse took the day off for our staycation (in celebration of our weddingversary), we decided we were going to do one of the things that we love to do together: reconfigure the house. Or at least parts of it.

Today seemed to be all about shelves. There weren’t enough shelves in the house for all our movies, TV shows, video games, and books. So the goal was to make more room while spending as little as possible.

Our relatively large book collection was being housed in the dining room, on two bookcases that were hand made by our old neighbor. Here’s what they looked like.


Quite well made and very sturdy. I liked them because of their potential. But leaving them like they were…meh. Kinda boring. Didn’t match the dining room table. And even two of these was nowhere near enough room for all our books. We had them both full to the brim, and there were still towers of books stacked on the top. So we decided to custom build some bookshelves for the dining room/library. We ordered all the parts we need, and with shipping, it was only around $150. So those things are on their way, and I’m sure I’ll make another project post just to cover that process.

The DVDs were being housed on the video game shelves my partner custom built for his man cave. Which meant the video games and consoles were being stored wherever we happened to find extra room. Usually in the “media closet” on a shitty little DVD rack from Walmart. So I figured if we’re going to build custom bookshelves, why not give the old shelves a little makeover and use them for DVD’s? Then this happened…




Note to self: Stop buying movies. Just stop.

Since the movies were moved to the new-old bookshelves, that meant there was officially room for the games on the game shelves. See?


But then there was an issue of the consoles. Because the games filled all the empty space where the movies had been. Oh, well no problem…just build more shelves in the media closet out of scrap wood in the garage!


In the meantime, all the books are in massive stacks on the dining room table.


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