Videos and Vet Visits

Published September 24, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Well, let’s start off with the video, shall we? A couple people have asked me what exactly Lucca and Ayla sound like when they’re barking. After a few attempts, we finally managed to catch Ayla in the act. The video isn’t too long and the quality isn’t the best, but you can clearly see and hear her bark. Enjoy.

The girls also went to the vet today. I’m trying hard to see the positives, but it really didn’t go too well. I mean…all in all, they’re healthy. But they aren’t very well behaved just yet…especially Ayla. It took a good ten minutes and three people just to get her into the vets hands and out of my jacket. Then she bit the shit out of the vet, crabbed her little head off, and skunked everywhere. She was so noisy that the vet was having a hard time hearing her heartbeat and breathing. But eventually she did manage to get it checked out. Lucca was a little crabby, but was actually better behaved. I mean, I guess that makes sense, given that she’s the more outgoing and curious one.

The result is that they’re both pretty healthy. Ayla weighs 54 grams and Lucca is 65 grams. Their heart rate and breathing are normal. Their claws aren’t in need of trimming yet…the only problem we caught was with the fecal smear. It appears that both of them have a few flagella that need to be treated. We have a bottle of Metronidazole that we’ll have to give them via dropper for the next ten days, then take them back to the vet in two weeks. In the meantime, we just have to keep an eye on the dogs to make sure they don’t catch whatever it is the babies have.

Right now they’re back in their mansion, asleep. We didn’t keep them in the bonding pouch during our errand running like we typically do. We figured they had enough stress this morning, so we brought them straight home. We’ll also be extending playtime tonight, in the hopes that their eventful morning wasn’t a step backwards in the bonding process.


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