Lucca’s Adventure

Published September 23, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Well it happened again. Lucca and Ayla spilled their bowl of veggies onto the floor. And of course, we were down in the office and heard “CRASH!!!…….bark…bark…bark” So we trudge up the stairs, fully aware of what’s going on this time. And again, both of the girls were hiding behind their wheel, barking for us to clean up their mess. We weren’t mad or anything. We just cleaned it up, gave them a fresh bowl of food, and moved it to where they couldn’t spill it again. No worries. So after a few minutes of petting, talking, and general reassuring, we let them be to finish off their new bowl of food. Went back downstairs to work on another cage set for them and watch a movie.

We didn’t hear them barking anymore. Maybe they stopped or maybe the movie was too loud. Either way, we hadn’t heard a peep…until the movie was over.

“Is Ayla still barking up there?”

“Sounds like it.”

“She didn’t bark that long last night. I’ll go check on them.”

“I’ll come with you.”

So we go back up the stairs to the mini mansion, and Ayla is behind her Wodent wheel, just barking her little head off. And Lucca is just…gone. Vanished. Missing completely.

Panic ensues.

“How could she have gotten out?”

“I don’t know, but watch where you step and don’t sit on any of the furniture until we find her.”

“Do you think she’s in the couch?”

“I don’t know. Check under the rubber mat first. Maybe she’s under there.”

It went on like this for a couple minutes. Both of us looking, walking slowly so that we don’t scare her, wherever she might be. Thinking about where she could have gone. We’d have heard the dogs freak out if they had found her, so I had every confidence she wasn’t hurt somewhere. But could she have gone upstairs into the hallway? Or downstairs into the man cave? Focus. Search the main floor first.

Then I heard it. In the dining room. Lucca scratching behind the folded up treadmill. Well, at least we found her. Now how to get her back?

As I pointed to where she was, my spouse walked over with the pouch, and Lucca dashed off…into the bookshelves. Thank goodness they have built in backs. My partner got on his hands and knees, and we both started talking to her sweetly and quietly as he inched closer. When he was close enough, he held out his hand, and…she jumped right into it. He held her over her bonding pouch and she crawled straight in with zero fuss.

Turns out that when my spouse had pulled out the tray earlier today to clean it, he put it back in upside down, which created a small gap between the floor and the back wall. That’s the ONLY way she could have gotten out. So we turned it right side up, and zip tied it to the back wall just to be on the safe side.

Ayla stopped barking and is super happy to have her sister back. I feel so bad that I wasn’t paying enough attention to her noises, but I’m really glad that she knows to let us know when something is wrong. My smart girl!

I’m still in full on panic mode, so I’ve been writing all this to try and calm down a little bit. I think it’s time to get to work on their condos, one for down in the office, and one in the bedroom. That way they can be on whichever floor we’re on. I’ll also be sketching out a new design for the mini mansion floor so that this doesn’t happen again.


One comment on “Lucca’s Adventure

  • Wow, you had me in suspense wondering what the next twist will be. I am happy you found her relatively easily. This is proving to be relatively interesting. I would love to see and hear them barking!

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