Day 7: The Good With The Bad

Published September 22, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Well today was full of ups and downs as far as Lucca and Ayla are concerned. But all in all, I can’t say it was necessarily a bad day or anything.

Prime example: This afternoon (morning, for us), we awoke to find a package in the mail. I was a custom pouch that I had ordered for the girls. Black with grey skulls on it. I had only ordered it a few days ago, so I was impressed by how fast it arrived. Free shipping, too. Whoo! I checked it all over, just to make sure there weren’t any exposed seams that the babies could get wrapped around their teeny toes. Nothing was wrong with it. Great craftsmanship. But included in the pouch was a pamphlet/brocure for Jesus. I don’t know why (maybe cause of the skulls?) but this particular vendor saw fit to send me reading material on Christ. Which was pretty irritating. So like I said, nothing BAD per se, just…a “negative” in my book.

Another one: The girls were SO well behaved during the day today. They were still asleep when we woke up, and although they peeped up at me for a moment, both Ayla and Lucca seemed perfectly fine with me scooping them up out of the mini mansion and into their bonding pouch. Not a single crab or nip or anything. And they stayed like that in the pouch all afternoon. Perfect little angels…until we got to O’Charley’s for breakfast, and one of them (I’m guessing Lucca) decided to make peepee in the pouch…while I was eating. Of course, you can’t potty train them, so it’s totally not her fault. Just another slight negative.

One more: We hit what I believe to be a wonderous milestone today. After my partner and I got off work, we were sitting in the bedroom with the door open, eating our dinner and watching a movie. Suddenly, we heard a loud crash. My spouse rushed downstairs to find that one of the girls had spilled their bowl of HPW off the lower ledge and onto the floor. Bowl didn’t break or anything, but the loud noise certainly scared them both. So much so, that they both hid behind their Wodent Wheel, and wouldn’t come out for playtime tonight. That’s the negative part. The super awesome milestone part, is that we heard them barking for the first time. As soon as my partner came back upstairs, they both started calling for him to come back. For about 15 minutes, they just barked and barked and barked. But of course, the sound is just too damn adorable for either of us to be annoyed by it. Instead, we turned down the volume on the TV and just listened to them while we polished off our own dinner. But like I said, when we came back down after dinner to take them to the bathroom, they were having none of it. After about 10 minuted of coaxing, we opted to just give them their nightly piece of dried pineapple and leave them be for tonight. Tomorrow we both have off work, so we’ll be able to extend playtime to make up for it.

Speaking of playtime, my last post was right before playtime yesterday, so I didn’t get to share the little piece of kick ass that happened to occur during. Ayla climbed into my hair! It was so cute, ad she just sat there watching Lucca climb in and out of the bathtub for about five minutes. Honestly, with Ayla being the shy one, I figured it’d be a couple weeks at best before she was willing to sit on my head. But I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, I think that’s everything for today. We’ve officially had the girls for a week now, and I have to say that they’ve been amazing so far. Not only do we love them like crazy, but they’re really spoiling us on this whole bonding process. So far, it’s been a breeze. Of course, with my luck, our third (Shhh…I plan to BEG my partner for a leucistic or cremino for Christmas)will be a nightmare. lol.


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