Welcome Home, Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Published September 20, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Lucca and Ayla slept peacefully together in the bonding pouch all the way home. I don’t know whether or not they were kept in the same cage. I forgot to ask. But to skip ahead to current events, they’ve had zero problems getting along. Anyway, we made a pit stop at PetCo and picked up a temporary cage. Their “apartment”. Then to Publix. I went to http://www.critterlove.com on my phone, pulled up the grocery list for “Mixture #1”, and started to buy all the food they’d need (a long list of organic fruits and veggies), plus some egg to tide them over with protein until their HPW Complete would arrive. (We rush ordered it as soon as we got home.)

Upon arriving home, we cut up my favorite fleece Eeyore pajamas and lined the cage bottom with them. Then in went Thing 1 and Thing 2. As of yet, they had no names. They seemed a little stressed and a lot sleepy, so we put them on the dresser in the bedroom, shut off the light, and gave them some peace and quiet while we went into a frenzy of preparation.

Over the next two days it seemed like everything was going on all at once. I literally worked until my fingertips bled assembling their “mini-mansion”. We custom made tons of fleece furniture and toys. We dashed out half a dozen times to pick up little things we had forgotten, such as foam rubber matting for their floor, honey for licky treats, an ice cube tray for their HPW, etc. And we spent HOURS contemplating the perfect names for our sweet girls. In fact, some names we considered were:

~ Bridget and Saffron (from Firefly. Yo-Saf-Bridge? Get it?)

~ Ada and Jill (from Resident Evil)

~ Shanoa and Schala (from Castlevania and Chrono Trigger)

~ Alice and Claire (also Resident Evil)

~ Moxxi and Lilith (from Borderlands)

~ Kaylee and Zoe (also Firefly)

And many many more.

FINALLY we settled on Ayla and Lucca. Characters from Chrono Trigger. I’ve never played the game myself, but it’s one of my partner’s favorites, and I thought the names sounded pretty.

By the end of day 2, the mini-mansion was complete. And here it is.


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