Day 5: The Bonding Process, and My Secret Fears

Published September 20, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Well I joined a forum called GliderCENTRAL. To sum up today, here is a post I made:

“Today is day number five of having Lucca and Ayla. And I just have to share a couple things about the bonding process so far.

Ayla was getting a little crabby over us getting near her sleeping hammock, so we opened it up a little more to be kinda v/taco shell shaped. The crabbing has already completely stopped. Neither of them have been crabbing at us AT ALL.

Lucca nips and nibbles when it’s playtime, but she has yet to lunge/bite/draw blood. We THINK that she’s just kinda testing us out. She does it even when we wash our hands first, but we’re not too concerned because it doesn’t really hurt. We just give a little “psst!” and she stops.

And…that’s literally ALL the negative things I can say. They come right to our hands when we put them out. Don’t even need licky treats, though they certainly appreciate them. During playtime they crawl all over us, into our hair and pockets and down into my bra (I really think Ayla’s gonna be a bra baby, which I’m SO excited about.) And today, I stuck my hand into their bonding pouch while they were asleep…twice. And I was able to pet them as long as I wanted. They didn’t even budge. I pet them for about 20 minutes both times before I decided to stop and let them have a little peace. They lick HPW off our fingers, and take mealies and dried pineapple right out of our hands, and chirp chirp while they nom. grin

I just wanted to share our experience so far because both my spouse and I are amazed and thrilled with how wonderfully they’re doing. I know every glider is different, and bonding is a different process for everyone, but…we really were expecting this to be a super long, super difficult process and so far it’s just…not. They’re perfect little angels, and though I’m positive we’re not 100% “there” yet, I feel like we’re off to an amazing start.”

As the night progresses though, I’m becoming more and more afraid for Ayla. Her eyes are bright and her ears aren’t drooping, but she seems more than just mellow. She almost seems lethargic. She’s been clinging to the corner of the mesh for hours, and while I did see her eating earlier, she hasn’t moved from that spot since. When we try to pick her up, she doesn’t crab, but slowly crawls away from us. It’s obvious she wants to be left alone, so that’s what we’re doing. But being an overly-concerned sugar momma, I’m just terrified that something is wrong with her. Maybe it’s paranoia. I saw a thread on the forum today at featured pictures of a dying sugar glider, so that’s been on my mind. She doesn’t LOOK anything like the pictures…I just have a bad feeling. So I’ll be calling the vet first thing in the morning and scheduling an appointment for both of them, just to be on the safe side.

Please, no one bitch at me for buying mill bred. I knew that it was possible they weren’t in the best of health. I still don’t regret my decision. She has someone who desperately loves her and will continue to care for her for the rest of her life, however long or short that might be. In the meantime, let us hope that she really is alright and she’s just shy/mellow as fuck.


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