Day 5 1/2: There’s Always A Chance I’m An Idiot

Published September 20, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Or if not, at least extremely gullible.

This blog post is dedicated to my wonderful spouse, who did the right thing by not listening to my “superior” knowledge.

After I wrote my last post, I went to check on Ayla again. My heart was just breaking for her, and I was reading all the threads of the emergency forum, wondering if I needed to call the vet’s 24 hour red alert line. My concern was turning to panic when I saw that she still hadn’t moved from her corner. Would my sweet little angel still be here when I woke up? Would I be able to get her to the vet in time? Isn’t there someone out there who could help us at 4AM?

I looked over at my partner.

“Tell me I’m just being paranoid. Do you think I should call the red alert line?”

“You’re just being paranoid. We’ll take her to the vet first thing tomorrow. She’ll be alright.”

With a heavy heart, I trudged back down the stairs and into the office to read more horror stories.

My spouse followed shortly after, and we sat here at our desks in silence for awhile.

After about half an hour, my partner went back upstairs, I assumed to grab another drink or use the restroom. Honestly, I only vaguely noticed his absence, as I was still pretty upset and distracted.

Then, from behind me, I heard, “I KNEW you were wrong! I just KNEW it!”

“Huh? What was I wrong about?”

“I fixed everything. Ayla’s just fine.”

“Really?! What did you do?!”

“I turned off the light.”

I raced upstairs, and sure enough, both Ayla AND Lucca are going nuts in their mini mansion. Every time we get close to the mesh, Lucca tries to face hug us. And Ayla is having an absolute blast, jumping back and forth between her trampoline and her doughnut swing. They’re both happy as clams, and going absolutely batshit crazy. Ayla’s even taunting Griffin, making her whine and yip. It’s like night and day, if you’ll excuse the pun.

So why was the light on? Of course they’re nocturnal, so it’d make sense to leave the light off. Duh, right? Well…I read on the web that although they’re nocturnal and light sensitive, a ceiling light really wasn’t bright enough to hurt their eyes or affect their behavior. Obviously that was a crock of shit. The light being on was bothering her so much that I had myself convinced my baby was dying. It was apparently bothering Lucca too. As hyper as she was before? Yeah, triple that now.

So from now on, we’re leaving the far side kitchen light on, and the downstairs hallway light on, so it’s just light enough to be able to see them, but not bright enough for them to notice it really. The living room light will be staying off. We’re still going to call the vet for an appointment tomorrow, because they really should have a general checkup. But at this point, I think the only thing affecting my little baby was my own stupidity.

Thanks, Spouse, for ignoring me on this one. Lesson learned. I’ll go with my gut from now on, and not just on what others tell me.


2 comments on “Day 5 1/2: There’s Always A Chance I’m An Idiot

  • They have very sensitive eyes and it may be likely they may start hurting if the light is too strong. Many people say they are almost blind in daylight so when the light is strong they just try to hide. It sort of makes sense as they are so active at night in the outback in dense forests where there would be virtually no starlight or moon light. So there eyesight has adapted to work in pitch black. On a different note the temperatures you have in Atlanta pretty good and heating them in the winter.may not also be required. I talk in Celsius so I can’t give you temperature ranges but I would also be wary of keeping them in a room which is heated too hot by your household heater. You may need to do a little research and find out the best temperatures for them and how you can accomodate that in your house.


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