It’s Been A Long Time Coming

Published August 10, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Well I haven’t written anything in, like, pretty much forever. Things have been super hectic lately, and now it feels like there is SO much to talk/write about and it’s all piled up so much that I don’t even know where to start. There are so many good (and bad) things that have happened and are happening…I’m so overwhelmed with it all. So in an effort to clear my head a little bit, I’m going to make a list of facts about me. I do this sometimes when I just don’t know where to start my story. If you have questions about anything I say (or if you wanna add your own list of facts about yourself, which would be so much fun to read) feel free to leave them in the comments. As always, I read every comment I get, and I try to reply to most (if not all) of them.
So…here we go!

10 Facts About Me:

1. I’m currently listening to “Breath of Life” By Florence and the Machine. Not only is it an amazing song, but every time I hear the horns in the background (when she sings, “And although I wasn’t losing my mind, there was a chorus so sublime…”) my skin crawls in the most delicious way. This whole song almost feels like a call to battle.

2. I recently bought myself an electric guitar that I have named Estella. She is a black (with glitter!) Ibanez artcore. I adore her, but I’m still hung up on Luna (the acoustic that I picked out but can’t afford at the moment.) I’ve been working diligently on learning to play guitar. As of right now, I know a bunch of chords (mostly in G) and 2.5 songs. Those songs are “Run” by Daughter (which I hope to eventually record a vocal/guitar combo cover of), “Pistolero” by Juno Reactor (super simple, minus the solo, which I’m still working on), and “The Humbling River” by Puscifer.

Estella on the left, my bass (Regina) on the right.

3. I am currently on a indefinite drinking hiatus. On my birthday I got blackout drunk at my partner’s work. I don’t remember much of anything, but I apparently ended up spending a shitfuckton of money, and showed my ass (figuratively speaking) in front of a bunch of friends, potential employers, and co-workers. It’s been a week and I’m STILL learning more rotten things I did. So because of that, I am staying completely sober for a long while. Hopefully my friends will respect me enough not to push me to drink, despite having been a pretty bad influence in the past myself.

I could be any one of these figures…just depends on when/where you’re around me.

4. I haven’t had a cigarette in a week. I would love to say it’s been two weeks, but from what I’ve been told, I smoked one on my birthday. Dammit. Instead, I’ve been using just my Vaperite e-cigarette. I came up with a new flavor all on my own, and I call it Princess Peach. It’s 60% Strawberry Pixie flavor, and 40% Peach. I also tested one of their new flavors, called Hazy Red (I’m guessing it’s a mixture of Purple Haze and Red Riding Hood) that tastes great. So I’ve been sticking to those two.

I want this purple provari battery mod SOOOO bad!

5. Recently, for the first time in…ever…I went up to Indiana (with my super awesome BFF) to visit my family, and I DID NOT get lost! I swear, every time I go up there I end up lost in some random corn field. No joke. No GPS, at night, low on gas, and a dying cell phone…lost in a fucking corn field. Every time. Or every time except this past time, actually. It was pretty awesome. Not only that, but I had a good time seeing everyone and didn’t have a single panic attack over the idea of somehow getting stuck in that socially-barren hellhole. (I hate Indy, if you can’t tell.) EDIT: I couldn’t think of a visual addition to this fact, so here’s a video of my two bio-brothers goofing off with some Rock Band gear. The intro is long, but just wait for it…they’re a trip.

6. I have a metal-singing panda named Valentine. My spouse got him for me (On Valentine’s Day, of course.) He wears boots, has a guitar, and roars/screams when you press his paw. He’s kind of epic. Just throwing that out there.

Now put some chucks and an electric guitar on him…pretty badass…

7. My current favorite move of all time is the 2008 BBC rendition of Sense and Sensibility. I watch/nap to it at least twice a week. One of my good friends got me a hard copy of it for my birthday, and I’m totally stoked about it. I have a list of “Favorite Movies of All Time”, and I kind of rotate my number one bi-monthly. The list includes (but is not limited to): The Neverending Story, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (cause Sirius Black is mega-hot), Strangeland, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Love, Actually. Because who can hate a movie where literally nothing bad happens??? (You can argue about the boy’s mom dying, but that didn’t actually happen IN the movie. And he was kind of over it in like two seconds anyway.) EDIT: It seems we now have a mystery on our hands. I received this gift in the mail, along with a note in some kind of code. I figured I knew who sent it to me (because they’ve sent me things in code and encryption before) and I tossed the wrapping paper without figuring out what the card said. Now the person I thought it was says it wasn’t them. SO WHO GOT ME THIS AWESOME PRESENT???

8. I made the terrible terrible mistake (after seeing a rather cool episode of How It’s Made) of purchasing a jar of pickled olives stuffed with bleu cheese the other day. Never in my life have I put something so utterly disgusting in my mouth…and I once licked a penny with gasoline on it. I pride myself on having an iron stomach. Very little grosses me out for real real (not for play play), and I’ll eat pretty much any type of food you put in front of me. Apparently, pickled olives are NOT one of those foods. If you can even call those little green balls of eww a food.

9. I’m pretty sure my grandmother has disowned me. I know she’s removed me from facebook, and I haven’t heard from her over my birthday like I always have. My only guess as to why this would be is because either a) I love me some gays, and I’m pretty vocal about it, or b) I reminded her that (duh!) she’s already a grandmother. (Back story: My uncle just had a baby, and everyone was congratulating her on “finally” being a grandmother. I piped up with a congrats on the new baby, but also e-waved my hand and basically said, “Remember me and my brothers? You know…your grandkids?” I’m pretty sure that she didn’t like the idea of admitting that she’s been my grandmother since, you know, my baby brother was only days old. That and, for some stupid reason, I’ve always gotten this impression that I’m the black sheep of the extended family. Which is kinda bullshit seeing as I’ve been, generally speaking, wildly successful in life… unlike some other relatives that will go unnamed…) Maybe it IS just because I love all the gays. Or that I call bullshit when I see it (*coughbullshitcough*) I guess it’ll forever be a mystery.

Look it’s meeee!

10. Last night, my partner told me that we will be going to Myrtle Beach to celebrate my birthday! I’m tremendously excited. Not only is there a Ripley’s museum, but there’s also an aquarium. (I have unhealthy obsessions with the following: dinosaurs, outer space, marine life/deep sea stuff, and weird science.) We’re staying at The Ocean Park Resort, which, I’ve been told, has a…one of those thingys. What are those river things called again? A lazy river! You get in a floaty (with or without a cocktail) and float/ride around the resort. I’ve never been to Myrtle Beach before, so I’m really excited for this adventure. If anyone has any other ideas of cool stuff to do around there, let me know. We leave tomorrow morning, so I have to go pack. Wheee!

I can’t wait!!!


One comment on “It’s Been A Long Time Coming

  • I think I must try one of those blue cheese olives sometime.
    BTW, I wanted to create my 10 facts about me, but compared to yours, well, they pale, so, better not.

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