Every Day Is Day #1

Published May 22, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

I mean it’s true. Every day is a new day with no mistakes in it (yet). Thank you to Anne of Green Gables for allowing me to grow up with that mindset.

I “quit smoking” twice while I had company, and failed both times. I mean, within hours I was lighting up another cigarette or going out to buy another pack. I also quit doing the paleo diet and going to the gym while my company was here. And I got really lazy in general. Stopped cleaning up the house every day (I usually clean a floor a day in order to stay on top of things) and just…I dunno. Filled my time with drinking and friends. Which is all well and good, until I remember that I’m a fat lazy jobless smoker.

So yesterday was day one of my new life. I started a new job that I’m really excited about (the article company I was working for just yanked my chain too much, so now I’m writing shoe articles. And my BFF is my boss, which makes it really fun.) and I’m back on the paleo diet hardcore. Went to the gym last night and engaged in probably the best workout of my life. I felt like jelly by the time I hit the shower. I also cleaned a floor of the house yesterday, and restarted that routine. All kinds of changes all at once, and I’m pretty happy about them.

I’m still smoking though.

While I’m happy with the change in job/diet/motivation/exercise, it’s a lot to take on all at once. I mean starting it all in the same day. And unfortunately, I don’t deal with change well at all. It was actually my partner’s idea that I hold off on quitting smoking, since it’s the best way for me to handle my stress. So while I do plan to quit eventually, now just isn’t the time. Plus, and this is terrible to admit, I really like smoking. Which makes it ten times harder for me to quit. Cause I really don’t want to.

But back to the Day #1 idea…

I’ve put myself in the mindset that there is nothing past day #1. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to change my life for the better. So while yesterday was a successful day 1, today is also day 1. And tomorrow will be day 1 too. If I fail today, I just start over tomorrow. If I succeed, then I still start over tomorrow. This mindset affords me the opportunity to say “I was successful today” without giving myself more credit than I deserve and “rewarding” myself by slacking off. Or to say “I failed today” and still have hope that I can turn things around. I dunno if that makes much sense to you, but it works for me.

Every day I have the opportunity to make a decision: Will I waste another day of my life or will I make the most of it? From now on I’m making the most of things. It can only lead to a better life.

I think I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes. Another Anne of Green Gables quote actually. (Technically Gilbert, but whatever.)

“Shirking responsibilities is the curse of our modern life – the secret of all the unrest and discontent that is seething in the world.” ~ Lucy Maud Montgomery


One comment on “Every Day Is Day #1

  • One of my favorite quotes in American Beauty was something like “Every passing moment is a chance to turn it around.” That reminded me of this.

    But it’s true. You only ever have one moment. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed saying “I’m going to diet and exercise and work and quit smoking and do all of this shit.” Your brain can shut down and say “hell no! I’m not doing that!” All you can really do is to do what feels right for each individual moment because the present moment is all you ever have.

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