Cake Or Death!

Published April 24, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

“Little red cookbook! Little red cookbook!” Hehehe…sorry.

Today I said something to my spouse that I often say when I’m bored or stressed out. “I want some cake.” You know what he said to me? He said he’s training his brain to make himself nauseous at the idea of cakes or sweets of any kind. Why? Because we’ve gone paleo, and for some fucked up reason he seems to think that means no yummy sweets.

Well, I’ll show him!

Today is actually his birthday, and I’ll be using this recipe to surprise him with paleo birthday cuppy cakes. And he’s going to love them. Or else.

Actually, I’m in a total panic over my partner’s birthday. He’s the big 3-0 today, and while I think I got it right with the gifts, it’s the cooking and cleaning I’m worried about. I cleaned up the house really well, spending most of the night with a broom and a mop and a scrub brush. But he’s much more tidy than I am, so I only hope it meets his expectations. Or that at the very least he will appreciate the effort. Heh. And then there’s the food…

There are a few dishes that I’m pretty good at preparing. But when it comes to just making things up on the fly or making something from scratch, I tend to bring about chaos and destruction in the kitchen. (For example, I once put chopped up potatoes in a blender, thinking it would be a smarter way to mash them…not my first kitchen fire…) Tonight not only am I making paleo cuppy cakes from scratch, but I’m also kinda winging it with dinner. We’re having veal. I’ve never cooked veal. I’ve never even tasted veal. But I have a great baked chicken recipe that’s super easy to make. So I’ll be substituting veal cutlets instead, and praying to the cooking gods that I don’t end up driving us to Steak and Shake for my spouse’s birthday dinner.

You might think it’s no big deal and isn’t that difficult of a thing to manage. You know, cooking and cleaning. But I don’t have a very domestic background. In fact, my first website was called domestication fail. So…yeah, I’m pretty bad at this kinda stuff.

Wish me luck!


One comment on “Cake Or Death!

  • There should be an update on this blog after the fact. Wondering how your paleo cupcakes and chicken-like veal ended up.
    And a happy birthday to your partner, climbing to the 3rd floor can be traumatic for some, but in general it can be quite interesting sometimes.

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