I’ve Gone Paleo

Published March 30, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

So this is the end of week one on the paleo diet, and I’ve lost four pounds so far. I’m totally stoked. People left and right are all like, “But you need carbs and dairy!” and I’m all like, “I do what I want!”

The food is delicious. So far I’ve had bison steaks, swordfish, sirloin burgers (use lettuce leaves instead of hamburger buns!), sauteed spinach, steamed broccoli…all kinds of yummy stuff. Tonight is a balsamic chicken with roasted garlic broccoli. And of course everything is grass fed/organic/wild caught/etc. For snacks I’ve been sticking to just fresh fruit. Going nuts over the yummy honeydew and cantaloupe and strawberries. As a dairy substitute, my partner and I have been making smoothies out of chocolate almond milk that is so freakin’ good. His concoction today tasted like cookies. It was like about a cup of chocolate almond milk (I like Silk dark chocolate, personally) a scoop of organic crunchy almond butter, a spoonful of strawberry protein powder (might not be entirely paleo. I don’t know) and a banana. Mmmm!

All in all, we’ve stopped eating out (thank Bob!) and we’re eating much healthier at home. Being sick last week was also kind of a good thing cause I didn’t eat for like three days and I think it shrank my stomach a bit. (My four pound weight loss doesn’t include anything I lost while sick.) I’m eating about half the portion size I used to eat and feeling stuffed afterwards. The food is just so filling and I’m surprised at how varied the recipes are. http://www.Paleomg.com is a lifesaver!

As for exercise, we’re working out five days a week, taking off Fridays and Saturdays. This is because we go to our gym after we get off work, which is usually about 4AM. On the weekends though, my spouse doesn’t even get home until about 5AM. Which means we don’t get home from the gym til about 6. And aren’t done eating til 7. That’s just too “late” for us. We both need a good amount of sleep and will wake up pissed off if we sleep in til 3PM. (I know, our sleep schedule is so weird. It’s pretty much completely backwards from a normal schedule.) So we’re going to the gym Sunday through Thursday.

I’ve officially started prepping myself for a walkathon/marathon. I want to do one sometime this fall, just to strike it off my bucket list. So I’ve been devoting my gym time to the treadmill. Some days I do fat burn, and other days I do “hill plus”, which, while I don’t think it supposed to be cardio exactly, really gets my heart rate going something fierce. Thankfully our gym treadmills have those little graphs that depict where your heart rate should be for both fat burn and cardio depending on your weight and age. So I know where I should be in order to do both. And…each treadmill has it’s own TV. Ironically, because I’m not “allowed” to watch the news, the only thing that’s really on at 4AM is the food network. There’s some show that airs that’s similar to Cake Boss I’ve been watching. Sometimes I’ll find that “Love It or List It” show on, but mostly it’s just cake. And I’m reminded of how much I don’t like buttercream frosting.

Now I’m just rambling. But I wanted to post something. The weather is really nice today so I’m in a good and productive mood. I might post again after midnight with “That’s My Jam”. If I don’t then I’ll post it tomorrow sometime. I’ll go ahead and tell you now though, Lindsey Stirling gets LOTS of love this month.

Peace and Brontosaurus Burgers,



2 comments on “I’ve Gone Paleo

  • YAY!!! Welcome to the darkside! Also dark chocolate anything above 70% cocoa is ok! and add a little Girardelli’s unsweetened dark chocolate powder to your smoothies if you don’t use chocolate almond milk. BTW, you do eat carbs….but the right kinds…they come to you in naturally occurring forms such as sugar from the fruits and what not….So curb those people saying that “you need carbs”…..you just aren’t getting too many or the wrong kind (processed grain and crap like that)!

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