Full Circle

Published March 30, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

So I can’t write poetry to save my life. Like I really suck at it and pay zero attention to any kind of format. But for some reason, every blue moon I get this notion that I should write out a poem. So here’s one I wrote years ago. It’s terrible, I know, but I don’t care so much. I’m taking out a chunk of it though because it repeats and sounds too much like song lyrics. Oh and for the record, I wrote this years before Stephanie Meyer wrote shit. So don’t even try to say I was stealing. lol. And by the way, if you have written a poem you would like me to share, my poetry section needs a few posts. So I’ll be happy to post it. I love reading poetry. I just can’t write it for shit.

“Full Circle” by Carmen Lamiarum

I feel so full tonight.
Almost like I ate too much.
But my stomach is empty,
and my heart is full.
It’s only you in me.

And I can’t explain
why it’s taken so long
to get nowhere.

What have you done
Midnight Sun?
I’ll dive into the stars
of these old darkened skies
that you opened above me.
in front of my eyes
like a black umbrella.

I’ll don another black dress.
Almost like yesterday’s.
But this is a new day,
and another funeral
that you drag me to.

I can’t explain
why I’m still here
under this black umbrella.

I’ve gone nowhere
In all this time.
In all these years.
I’m still right here.
Just right here.


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