Well This is a Problem

Published March 13, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

I’m so stressed out right now. I need to fix that somehow.

I just got a notification from work that I’m not “eligible” to work on the articles I’ve been writing for three weeks now. No explanation, no nothing. Just, “Sorry, you are not eligible to work on this project.” So I have to call them tomorrow and figure out what exactly is going on. In the meantime, I feel bad about it because my partner and I had a not-exactly-pleasant talk today about how he can’t help but assume I’m not working when I never talk about work. My reply is that it’s boring work and I don’t feel like it’s really worth talking about. But I guess to him it is. So I was jotting down the titles to all the articles I was writing today, so I could remember to share them (I write so many in one night that it’s hard to remember them all), and I get only three done (How to Remove a Paper Wasp Nest, Free Tutorials for Basic Knitting Stitches, and How to Find Free Fall Backgrounds) and as I go to write the next one, it gives me this message and won’t let me do it. *sigh*

And then there’s the house. it’s a wreck. I mean, it’s really bad. And I’m supposed to have company tomorrow, and then I’m flying out to Arkansas on Friday. I haven’t cleaned or packed or even done any laundry. So I guess instead of working all night, I’ll be cleaning all night. Which, you know, is just a foul mood waiting to happen.

Oh, and then there’s this:


Pretty, right? I set it on a paper towel so you could see through it better, since it was a black bench and aubergine yarn. I like it, anyway. Only problem is that it took an entire roll of yarn to make. I set a couple of my favorite smart men onto the math last night, and they both told me I need 63 of these bad boys to make a queen sized afghan. So of course that also means I need 63 rolls of yarn. I might have 40. Might being the key word there. I tried to do one of the other patterns last night to see if it used less yarn, but the instructions are really vague and kinda sloppy. There was no stitch count or anything, so of course I lost my place almost immediately. I really like this pattern though. I think I’ll stick with it and just buy more yarn when I need to.

I’m really sorry about all the bitchiness today. Like I said, I’m just stressed out and mad at work. I warned you guys in the beginning that this would happen though. Sometimes I just need to bitch and complain in writing and then I’m all better. Anyway, let me know what you think of the pattern. It’s the supernova, by the way. All the votes on facebook and instant messenger and here were counted and it was a clear winner.


One comment on “Well This is a Problem

  • Breath in, Breath Out, Breath in, Breath out

    My mom would say that to me sometimes and I hated it when she did that, I now know the wisdom of it…but I still hated when she did that.

    focus on this: That is a bitching piece of cloth you got there!

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