Project Guest Room

Published March 9, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

I know I haven’t written at all lately, but that’s for two reasons. One is because there’s a blog I’ve been trying to write and I can’t. Every time I start to write about the subject, I feel like I sound certifiable, and I delete it. The other reason is because I’ve been very very distracted with Project Guest Room. I decided to see if I could redecorate the entire room for under a thousand dollars. I’m almost finished, and I’ve only spent about half that. As of right now, there’s an area rug I’m obsessing over and can’t have (despite asking for it for my unbirthday, which is on the 11th), I’m waiting on the mirror to dry, and I’m also waiting for the nightstand lamps to arrive. Other than that, everything else is done. I’ve taken photos of the whole process, which are right here. Click the photo for full size.

Here is the room emptied out but otherwise unaltered. Also, it’s cut off a bit, but take note of the ceiling fan color. It’s like a light wood. The furniture that was in here was some mismatched thrift store and ikea stuff that was either broken or trashy looking. I pretty much hated every piece.


Here’s the color difference in the paint. The new color is called Silver Screen by Behr:


Right as I got started painting, the delivery dudes showed up with the bedroom suite. Headboard, rails, two night stands, and a chest of drawers (which, being southern, I pronounce “chester drawers”…) for an awesome bargain price. I won’t say how much, but just keep in mind what I said about only spending half of what I expected to spend. That included paint, rollers, tape, curtains, etc. Anyway <end tangent> here’s a couple pictures of the furniture. The headboard (against the new paint color, now dry), and the drawer pulls to be exact:



I thought that the mattress and box spring were queen size. I was wrong. I set the metal rails up to fit a queen size bed set, and when I went to shove the box spring on top, it fell right through the gap. So I had to not only pull the frame back apart (gashing my arm open in the process), but I also had to drill new holes in the headboard so I could attach it to a full sized frame. Here’s the bed (finally) all put together.


Some pics of me painting the fan blades. I picked Martha Stewart’s onyx black with some silver sparkle in it. A subtle night sky tribute. (ignore my garage)




I painted the mirror matte black. It’s in the process of drying right now (I had to do some touch ups) which is why I don’t have any pictures of it in the room. But it’s going to hang on the left wall if you’re looking at the bed. (Same wall the door is on.)



Here’s a picture frame I had lying around the house that was broken. I repaired it and printed these pictures on photo paper to add a little artsy fun in the room. If you can’t see it, it says “S hearts A”. I was especially proud of myself for thinking of the Eiffel Tower for the A, as that’s what the lamps I’m waiting on are shaped like. It’ll tie in nicely. Anyway, this is on the right side of the window.


Here’s the (mostly) finished room. Check it out. I’m so happy with it. (The other two wall hangings were gifts. The trees were a wedding present from my pet Aussie, and the one above the bed was a snarky secret santa gift from last Christmas. It says 9-26-10, which was my wedding date.)


And if you’re interested in seeing it, here’s the rug I really want:

And the lamps I ordered (only mine are black, not pewter. And I still need to pick out shades for them.) :|13788702&CPNG=Lighting&kpid=13788702&LID=PA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=13788702

So. Now that that’s done I can get back to the hope chest. Hopefully the weather stays somewhat tolerable long enough for me to finish stripping the paint this weekend. Wish me luck!


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