I Can’t Say Why

Published February 27, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

But things are really starting to look up for me. I feel like after a year of juggling life (work, gym, relationships, etc.) I’m finally starting to see a return on my mental, emotional, and financial investments.

Over the weekend, a lot of things have changed with my marriage. I can’t really get into it because I was asked not to, but we’re trying something completely new that I’ve never even considered before. However, for now, it requires us to be in a “closed” relationship again. This is not permanent as of now, but we shall see what happens in the coming months. I feel like my spouse and I are considering an avenue in regard to our relationships both with each other as well as other people that is even crazier than an open relationship. And the more I think about it, the more I like it. As I said though, I really can’t get into the details yet. Maybe soon. Just keep watching.

As for work…last night was slow. I had a friend over and he ended up getting pretty tanked, so I only got about four hours of work in. I wanted to make sure he was good and passed out before I started clacking away at the keyboard. But hey, I made like $130 in four hours, so there’s always that. I’m happy with it. Tonight is supposed to be my first full night of work, with an hour break around midnight so I can dash off to the gym. I also get a fifty dollar bonus each week that I complete more than 25 articles, so I’ll be meeting that quota tonight.

And speaking of the gym, I’ve decided to take a new approach to it. Instead of saying I want to lost 50 pounds, which, to me, is a lot to think on, I’m going to aim to lose just ten pounds as quickly (and in the healthiest way) I can. Once I keep that off for a solid week, I’m going to attempt to lose ten more. And so on and so on, until I’m down to the weight I want to be again. Once that happens, I’ll be back in the club asap where I hope to make $50-100 an hour, rather than what I’m making now. I’ll still write part time, of course, because it’s a good fallback. But it’ll be nice to be doing mindless manual labor again. (That’s totally what dancing is.)

I wish I knew what else to write about. I really want to write one big long post. But I need writing prompts or something. I dunno what I’m supposed to say. And since I’ve stopped smoking I haven’t really had many “cigarette musings”, like I used to.


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