Published February 26, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

FIrst, the good news. I’m so excited! Finally (fiiiinally!) my amazon payments account has been verified, cleared, and reactivated! Whoo hoo! I’m so happy. I can finally get back to working again! I’ve already submitted two articles tonight, just to test the waters a little bit. I want to see if they accept bullshit off the top of my head, or if they require actual research. One of the articles I did was about Advent. The other one was about how to prepare a turducken. Haha. Turducken. Love that word. Anyway, I’m really excited about all of this, as I’ve worked really hard to get my account cleared so I can do the job I was hired a month ago to do. Plus, it’s one less thing to stress about. Some of you know the reason why I’ve been so hung up on finding work lately, and I’m so happy to announce that (as long as nothing else terrible happens with stupid Amazon Payments) I’m free and clear and all is right in the universe.

In other news, I’ve fallen in love with this:


This is a big, fuck off, purple truck. A sexy sexy truck. And I want it. I’m only hoping that by the time I’m settled into this job and ready to buy it, it’s still available. No, I will not share the link with you. It’s mine. Har har har! Anyway, assuming I can still get my hands on it, this is where all my money will be going for awhile. Cause I kinda have to have this truck. Or a truck like it.

In other news, today we celebrated the in-laws’ birthdays. They’re only like a week or two apart, so we bought MIL a new charm for her Pandora bracelet, and FIL got some new RayBans…if that’s how you spell that. FIL wasn’t feeling too well though, so the three of us went out for hibachi. It was delicious, of course, and I always love the onion volcano.



One comment on “Turducken!

  • Be wary of the Turducken, the Romans took that to an extreme.

    So, take a chicken, shove, it into a duck, shove it into a turkey, shove it into a pig, shove it into a lamb, shove it into a goat, shove it into a cow, then shove it into a horse. Now roast it for most of the day. THAT was the Roman Turkducken. Of course…they did have vomitoriums in which if you partied to hardy, you could go vomit, and then eat and drink some more. How civilized!

    That is a sexy truck, but why are short people always driving said trucks???? Mystery of the ages I guess.

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