Drunken AMA

Published February 16, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Here we go:

Preston says:

“1) You are openly bi-sexual & also honest about being in an open relationship. Do you have a girlfriend in addition to your husband? How fucking hot is that?” No, I do not have a girlfriend exactly. There is one girl that I love very very much, and I would love for her to be my girlfriend. But I don’t know if it would work. I think we’re better off as FWB’s. There’s no jealousy that way. And no, it’s not really hot or not hot. It just is what it is.

“2) Same question, but insert ‘boyfriend’.” No, no boyfriend right now. I don’t really feel a need for one. Maybe a male FWB, but I’m married, so I don’t play into the idea of consistent side-penis.

“3) What do you drink to get drunk? Do you take other substances? If so, what?” I tend to drink Beringer White Zinfandel. When that’s not enough, there’s an amazing guavaberry rum that comes from St. Maartin that I love. Other than that, nothing. I don’t do an drugs or anything. I used to when I was younger, but not now. My husband and I are both happily clean and sober.

Absolutely NOT Preston says:

“We all know by now that you were formerly a stripper, and a simple google search reveals your time on myfreeimplants (well done on the free boobs). My question is: what other adult work have you done, if any? Ever in a magazine, on a porn website, or do any adult films? If you did, how could we find them? 🙂 If not…can you please start? Also, what’s Preston’s deal? The guy seems really cool, smart, & handsome. Who is he?” I have done a couple of photo shoots that my friends have access to (or at least have seen the majority of) But other than that, no, nothing. And I have no intentions of doing anything else. As for how cool, smart, and handsome Preston is…I dunno. I thought I knew but from what I hear the person I thought he was is too impatient to play games with me. So yeah…

Anonymous says,

“Have you prepared for what would happen if you or your husband ever fell in love with someone you’ve brought into your marriage? And if so, what is your plan?” It has already happened! Whoo! Betcha weren’t expecting that shit. My spouse is my primary, as I am his. We accept that we can (and do) love other people. But that love is different from the love that caused us to marry.

Preston’s Mom says:

 “My son says you claim to be 20 pounds overweight & are starting a diet soon. You should post before, during & after pics so we can follow your progress.”

I’m sorry, but that is not in the form of a question.

Preston says:

 “What is your cell phone number? ;-)”

four times the fourth root of 42 times the intergral of (n-1) from -30 to zero with respect to n minus three halves time co-secant of 780 degrees times 60e raised to the negative 2 i pi minus co-tangent of seven pi over two times two to the ninth power plus the natural log of e to the eleventh power.

Take that, bitch.

Eto D. says:

 “If you could know one thing about all the people in the world (for example the weight of anyone, or someone’s biggest fear), what would you wish you could know about anybody (and why)?” What it’d take to get their money.

“Do you believe one can love more than one person truly without it meaning that you are being unfaithful to someone else you love?”  Absolutely. See above

“What do you recommend to someone who is afraid to talk about their feelings openly?” An anonymous blog.

“Don’t you think that this Preston guy is kind of creepy?” Most guy are in some way or another.

“Would you be willing to have one of these AMA with a drunken online night soon?”  With a huh?

Katebonnykate says:

 “I know you are looking into dancing again at some point in the near future. What do you miss about it? (Other than the monies!) 🙂 Basically, what were your favorite parts about the job?” The dancing. Honestly, it wasn’t ever about the money. Or the people. It was about the music. I was a physical representation of the notes and lyrics that mean so much to me. That’s what it was all about to me.

Eto D. says:

 “If you could ask yourself a question in here what would it be? (And what would be the answer)” But then why would I ask myself a question? And the answer would be that I wouldn’t.

“If you could ask from the people who read your blog a question, what would you ask from them?” Who is Preston?

“Do you think that there are people who use the feelings other people have for them to manipulate those people into doing something they do not want? What would you recommend the people who are being manipulated to do in that case? (Probably too complicated to answer in a drunken estate)” TL;DR

MrsCabana says:

 “Dill or bread/butter pickles?” Bread and butter out of the jar for a snack. Dill after a sammich.

Preston says:

 “Would you agree that Eto is jealous of my absolute non-creepiness? Follow-up: how hot is Katebonnykate? You guys work together?” Probably not. I think he thinks you’re creepy as fuck. He’s not the first person to say it. As far as KBK…I dunno who she is. And no, we never worked together…far as I know.


8 comments on “Drunken AMA

  • Hmm, my own personal invitation to come drinking & clubbing with you. Is this your way of asking me to come out of retirement? You had me at offering your DDs.

      • It was an hilarious play on words, not a misunderstanding of the acronym. Also, I’d gladly trade my identity for a casual drink….but I can’t collect on that from here. (Hint: that’s a clue).

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