A Quickie

Published February 15, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

I have company coming over tonight. One friend from out of town will be here around 9-ish and the other local friend will be here 8:30-ish. It’s gonna be fun!

Anyway, it was requested in the comments of my last post that I do a drunken AMA live chat. But I’d rather turn that idea around a little bit, and do an AMA blog. So in the comments of this post, you can ask me anything you want. Be anonymous or state your name, doesn’t matter. Next time I get drunk (which should be in a few hours I’m guessing), I will answer every question to the best of my ability.

Ready? Go!


16 comments on “A Quickie

  • I shall happily take FULL credit for this AMA blog, and I suppose it’s only fair that I pose the first few questions. Here goes:
    1) You are openly bi-sexual & also honest about being in an open relationship. Do you have a girlfriend in addition to your husband? How fucking hot is that?Ā 

    2) Same question, but insert ‘boyfriend’.

    3) What do you drink to get drunk? Do you take other substances? If so, what?

  • We all know by now that you were formerly a stripper, and a simple google search reveals your time on myfreeimplants (well done on the free boobs). My question is: what other adult work have you done, if any? Ever in a magazine, on a porn website, or do any adult films? If you did, how could we find them? šŸ™‚ If not…can you please start? Also, what’s Preston’s deal? The guy seems really cool, smart, & handsome. Who is he?

  • Have you prepared for what would happen if you or your husband ever fell in love with someone you’ve brought into your marriage? And if so, what is your plan?

  • My son says you claim to be 20 pounds overweight & are starting a diet soon. You should post before, during & after pics so we can follow your progress.

  • If you could know one thing about all the people in the world (for example the weight of anyone, or someone’s biggest fear), what would you wish you could know about anybody (and why)?
    Do you believe one can love more than one person truly without it meaning that you are being unfaithful to someone else you love?
    What do you recommend to someone who is afraid to talk about their feelings openly?
    Don’t you think that this Preston guy is kind of creepy?
    Would you be willing to have one of these AMA with a drunken online night soon?
    And not a question, but an affirmation, you ruck.

  • I know you are looking into dancing again at some point in the near future. What do you miss about it? (Other than the monies!) šŸ™‚ Basically, what were your favorite parts about the job?

  • If you could ask yourself a question in here what would it be? (And what would be the answer)
    If you could ask from the people who read your blog a question, what would you ask from them?
    Do you think that there is people who uses the feelings other people have for them to manipulate those people into doing something they do not want? What would you recommend the people who are being manipulated to do in that case? (Probably too complicated to answer in a drunken estate)

  • I’m a little late, but I’m sure you’ll get drunk again. Haha.

    1. Who the hell is this Preston dude? Have you found out yet? What is his deal? (okay that was three questions.)

    2. You have always been much more open on the internet in public places than I have been. For example, I was going to post a blog promoting your blog on my site, but that is very public and my mom reads it as well as members of my conservative Christian side of the family, and if those people read your blog, they would probably seriously harass me about it at family gatherings. (Well, they already do harass me so I guess that doesn’t really matter, but I really just wouldn’t want my mom to read it because of the obvious “Amanda/Sara-whatever-goes-on-with-us” subtext.) I guess my question is this. Is there anyone in your life who you wouldn’t want to read what you write on your blog?

    3. What is the secret to life and the Universe?

    Sorry I passed out so early last night and didn’t come over. I think all of this moving, working (my day job and the freelance side business!), Godspell rehearsing, revising my novel, etc. etc. has gotten me really worn out lately. I just feel exhausted most of the time. I’m hoping things will settle down soon, but I always say that, don’t I?

    Also, I wanted to say that I really appreciate you driving over to my place the other day. I know how hard it is for you to drive and how much anxiety it causes, and it really means a lot to me that you would troop it out to drive over to see my new place.

    • I can happily answer questions 1 & 3: 1a) He is me. 1b) She has not discovered my hidden identity. 1c) His deal is he’s a fan who thought he was being clever & funny, but is apparently being creepy & sad. But, he’s mostly harmless.

      3) 42.

    • To answer your questions…
      1) No, I don’t know who Preston is or what his deal is. I thought I had a good idea of who he was but now I think I may have been wrong. Doesn’t matter. Either he’ll tell me who he is and have a chance at furthering the plot, or he won’t and I will regard him as just another reader. Either way works for me.
      2) I can’t think of anyone that I would prefer not read my blog. Anything I’m willing to write here, I would be willing to share with anyone who asked. There have been a couple of occasions in which I felt it may be beneficial to write out what I am thinking and feeling, but decided not to simply because I don’t want to know how people would react. Basically, if I’m not okay with the whole world knowing about it, I don’t put it here.
      3) Preston was right, it’s 42. šŸ™‚

  • I figured you were an acquaintance. A friend of a friend. But from what I’ve been told that can’t be the case. Said acquaintance doesn’t have the patience to hide behind a mask like that, according to my friend. But I will say I did end up giving my cell phone number to the person I thought it was, and we’ve been getting to know each other better. So if nothing else, you’re helping me make new friends. If you want mine, you can have it, but I’d like to know who I’m giving it to first.

    • If I spill the beans…that would defeat the point! Also, at this point, I suspect the blanks you have filled in are MUCH better than whatever reality would bring. Sorry.

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