I’m (Sort Of) A Non-Smoker!

Published February 11, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Well, I smoked my last cigarette yesterday. And I went back to Vaperite today. I don’t know if that makes me a non-smoker or not. I still have nicotine intake, but I’m not smoking. Maybe you could equate it to the patch or the gum. So I’m kind of a non-smoker now. Fun!

I picked up a bunch of flavors at vaperite today. White chocolate raspberry, peanut butter, orange cream, cinnamon apple, strawberry pixie, green apple, pomegranate lemonade, praline pecan, and cotton candy. All of them except for the first three are little sample bottles that only refill twice. The bigger bottles will refill much more than that. The reason I grabbed them though was because they were on clearance for $6. The little trial sized ones are only $2. Can you imagine only paying a dollar per pack for smokes? Awesome.

I feel like I’m obsessing with Vaperite right now, and I guess I kinda am. They’re certainly saving my ass right now. I even got an email from to store owner, who was congratulating me on quitting smoking and offering the help of the store as much as I need. Really nice thing to say.

Really I don’t feel too stressed out. I don’t have a headache and I’m not coughing. I just feel kinda tense and anxious. But I know it’s to be expected, and I plan to ask my doctor if it’s cool to pop one of my klonopin when it gets too bad. They’re there to help my anxiety, so if I start to have a panic attack, maybe they’ll be helpful.

Oh and sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was spending time with my partner, doing the family stuff. (Yay!)


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