A Cause For Celebration

Published February 9, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

I’ll find pretty much any excuse to celebrate (read: drink). Today has been, overall, a good damn day. So hopefully I’ll find a couple friends interested in coming over to celebrate with me.

It started last night, really. I made a ham. On my facebook account, I said I was making a ham “because fuck it”. But really, it was a peace offering. You see, I texted my spouse and told him I had made the decision to go back to school but that I would require assistance with FAFSA and getting my high school transcripts. Long story short, I expected him to be excited but he was upset, and I didn’t understand why. So because my partner loves ham, I decided I’d make one for dinner to help ease the blow so to speak. Turns out he wasn’t really upset so much as concerned that I was saying I had no intentions of working while in school, which is not the case at all. Now that it’s all cleared up, we’re both pretty excited about this decision.

I stayed up late this morning, thinking about it. I checked the website of the college I want to go to and narrowed it down to three majors. English and Art History are tied for first, with Psychology taking a close second. English will allow me to go on and get my masters in library sciences if I so choose. Art history will give me the option to be either a professor or a curator. Psychology just seems cool. I think at the end of the day though, I will probably just choose the one that offers a career with the best pay while offering a course of study that requires the least amount of math. I’m just glad I have a friend who runs his own tutoring business. I’ll be calling him for sure.

I also got started on the hope chest this morning. Really it was only a test spot with the heat gun, but the pain came off easily and the wood underneath looks beautiful. And the smell is so wonderous! I’ll be sure to post pictures of my progress, and I plan to try and get the majority of the paint removed this weekend. But first I need an extension cord. My partner cleaned out a big work spot for me in the garage, but he’s used all the extension cords to rig up the arcade and bar. Anyone happen to have one I could borrow? I’d be forever grateful.



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