My Day Today (Again)

Published February 7, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

What a crazy day it’s been! You know, I don’t spend all my time running around like this, but it seems like this week is just how it’s going to turn out to be. Maybe this weekend I can chill at home with a Dexter marathon or something. I still haven’t see seasons six or seven yet…yeah, that’d be a fun time.

Anyway, we started off by dropping the two dogs off at Petsmart down the street. That was at 3PM. They told me when I made the appointment over the phone to bring them in at 3. But when I did, they yelled at me, saying it was supposed to be for 3:30. Then they told us it would take them about three hours. Three hours??? I can have them both bathed, dried, clipped, and eating treats in an hour. Three hours is nuts. But whatever. So we leave.

Then we drive 20 minutes in one direction to hit up a GameStop that happens to have another Spyro Game I’m looking for. Although, they don’t have it in a case. It’s hidden somewhere in a massive bin of yellow CD sleeves.

By SyndroTheDragon on DeviantArt. Cool, huh?

Amazingly, we managed to find not one, but two copies of the same game. Picked up both of them. I also picked up Aggressive Inline and Treasure Planet. My game collection is getting bigger and bigger!

After that we picked up some delicious subs from Firehouse and manged til we could mange no more. Then 40 minutes in the opposite direction, back to Vaperite. I picked up two bottles of zero percent today, but they were the only two bottles they had, because the mixing guy had already left for the day. So I got Caramel Cream and English Toffee. They’re both pretty good, although I was a little sad that the spare atomizer (a purple one this time) I also bought had started leaking a bit like an hour later. Boo on that. But it’s okay. I just emptied out one of the working ones that I have, and it’s full of the English Toffee now. The other atomizer has Blueberry Pancake 18% in it, which I use when I need a quick nic fix.

After Vaperite, we ran into Goodwill where we made an amazing score. Five steel ceiling lamps for $9 each!!! My partner and I have been talking about installing drop down lights in the arcade: three over the bar and two over the pool table. These match our style perfectly, and they were a tiny fraction of what we would have paid for new ones. Their condition is perfect too! So yeah…really excited about that.

At 7:00 PM the dogs were finally done and ready. I’m so pissed it took them four hours. And my poor dogs had to potty so bad when they got home. I can assure you we will not be taking them back there. The only perk to the whole ordeal is that they smell of orange instead of oatmeal.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Tomorrow we head back to Sugar Hill to pick up the hope chest. I’m so excited about it and I can’t wait for you guys to see it!



2 comments on “My Day Today (Again)

  • dude, That’s nuts about PetsMart (or is it PetSmart) however, it does seem like you got some good Wins with the other stuff (Lampshades, Games, Subs.) Do you normally take your dogs to PetSmart (or is it PetsMart?) ?

    • No, we’ve never taken them there before. But they needed their nails trimmed and it’s so much easier to have a pro do it since they get all squirmy. At our last house we had a pool with concrete around it, which helped file their nails short. But now their yard is nothing but grass so they grow really long and fast. From now on though, we’ll just bathe them ourselves and have the vet clip their nails. Freakin’ $90 for them to lock my dogs in a kennel for four hours…pssh. Nonsense, I tell you!

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