It’s Here!

Published February 7, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

Well…picked up the hope chest today! I’m so excited about this project! Check out some of the “before” pictures I just took:

Isn’t it pretty? Ignore the paint. The paint will be removed. I love the shape and size of it. And it smells heavenly inside, where the cedar can actually breathe. I can’t wait to get started on removing the paint. I’ll probably go pick up a heat gun tonight, after I research how to use one properly.

In other news, I’ve had one cigarette today. I’m about to have another though. So two so far. Yesterday I only had five. I’m doing alright with the cutting down, and the Vaperite is really helping. I do feel a little on edge, but I guess that is to be expected. I’ll keep giving you guys updates though. Hell, I’ll probably need to write as much as possible when I quit completely. All that stress will have to go somewhere.

Peace and Tacos!


6 comments on “It’s Here!

  • Do a little research into removing paint from cedar before buying a heat gun. Cedar is a very soft timber and to be honest I couldn’t recommend a best way to remove paint from it. I am worried the heat gun will burn the cedar and give it a charcoal finish. So do some research!

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