Zero Percent (An Important Announcement)

Published February 5, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

So I’ve decided to quit smoking this year. Or at least, I’m going to try to. But before any of you non-smokers get all over my ass about it, let me just say that every time I hear, “Yeah, you SHOULD quit!!!” or “Are you quitting? How about now? Now? How about now?” it just makes me want to smoke all the more. Because it’s annoying as shit. Words of encouragement are one thing. Riding my ass and/or being judgmental is my biggest hindrance. So please, lay off my kool-aid…or whatever. (It’s cute when my baby sister says it.)

Anyway, I mentioned my new Vaperite the other day. Here’s a picture of it for you.

The black top is the nozzle. The clear part holds the flavored nicotine juice. The pink part is a rechargeable battery. And it’s hooked onto a lanyard so I don’t lose it.

Clicking the picture will take you to the vaperite website, if you’re interested in checking them out. I plan to use this as my quitting tool. You see, along with having some awesome flavors I can’t wait to try, (such as chai tea, white chocolate raspberry, banana foster’s, and orange cream), each vaperite juice also comes with a nicotine percentage. I’m at 18% right now, which is pretty high. But they sell all sorts of flavors at zero percent. Which means I would be able to enjoy smoking without having to intake any nicotine or other bad for you stuff (because most of the juices are organic). I can have a healthy smoking habit?! Whaaa? Yes, please!

I’m actually rather excited about this. I won’t be buying anymore cigarettes after I run out of this carton (just two packs left!) and I’ll be using my vaperite 100% of the time. When I run out of the juice I already have, then I’ll order more at a lower percent. Rinse and repeat until I get to zero, and I will technically be a non-smoker at that point.

Whew! All that talk about it and I just had to go use it. So delicious! Anyway, I’ll keep you all updated on my progress. And if any of you order a vaperite, please post a review of the flavors you chose in the comments so I can better learn which ones to test out and which ones to avoid. Wish me luck!


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