My Weekend

Published February 1, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

For future reference, Sundays and Mondays are my “weekend”. It’s the two days my partner has off, so that’s when we plan everything.

Anyway, this “weekend” has been so great. Sunday I woke up to hear that we were going to have a little get together for the Superbowl. So I started off the day by running to Jimmy John’s (heaven on bread) for enough mini-subs for everyone. Then to Publix for enough beer and wine to get everyone good and sloshy. Came back home to clean, clean, clean, and just as I was about to jump in the shower, the first guests arrived. As you can imagine, the evening ended with much subs, pizza, beer, football, and even a little Rock Band. All-in-all it was a great time, and it was lovely to have so many friends together in one place.

Today has been a day of running, though. In a good way. We woke up (surprisingly my spouse wasn’t hung over, which was awesome) and weren’t sure what to do with the day. I made the suggestion of making the hour trip to a new video game store we’d heard of in Sugar Hill. It was a little overpriced, but I found two Rainbow Brite bracelets and my partner got some cool stuff for his arcade.

After that, we ran to a couple of consignment shops, but didn’t really find much of anything. So we popped into Mall of Georgia, where I did happen to find another Spyro game at GameStop. And it’s the one for PS3, which was nice. I also picked up a free catalog from Leonisa ( which has a bunch of really cute shapewear and such. I’m thinking I’ll order from them soon as I have the spending cash.

The Leonisa catalog pic that caught my eye.

A quick bite to eat, and we were off to Marshall’s, where I found two pair of leggings with wool on the inside (Good for Seattle weather, I hope), a pair of slippers for around the house (we’re about to enact a no-shoe policy), and some work shirts and a cool Jerry Garcia tie for my partner.

Our last stop was Michael’s. My partner, as most of you know, is in the process of building a man cave/arcade on the lower floor of the house. He’s expressed an interest in a shag rug that looks like the vintage game Pong. I made the suggestion that I create one for him out of latch-hook, which (if I remember correctly) is pretty easy to do. So as a refresher, I picked up a little latch-hook kit at the store (with a panda on it for my car!!!) and I plan to work on that…now.


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