My Day Today

Published February 1, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

I just narrowly avoided a drunk girl post last night. But even drunk I knew that everything I was writing sounded insane to anyone who wasn’t me, so I opted for a nap instead. Sorry I didn’t update anything yesterday, but other than the mental craziness, there really wasn’t much to say.

Today, however, is a different story. I’ve been on the go since noon. (Which, for those of you that aren’t familiar with my night schedule, is equal to you waking up at 5AM.) First thing on my to-do list today was therapy. I picked a new therapist last week, and today was our second session. His name is Charles, and he’s kind of awesome. He offers more of a life coach type style, rather than just a therapist style. You know, we go back and forth. It’s not just me talking and him nodding and taking notes. (He let me read his notes on me too, which was kinda cool.) At the end of the session, he gave me some “homework” which includes writing/blogging as much as I can. I’m going to try and update every day, but I know I’ll at least update every time there’s something on my mind or I have something to say. Hopefully that’ll be every day.

After therapy, my spouse and I hit up a local brat/hotdog place that’s really good, and I stopped by a newly opened jewelry shop next door. I picked up three sets of the same earrings: little wooden violins in purple, blue, and green. I think they’re artsy and cute, but my partner says they’re hood. Maybe if I decorate them with glitter or something they’ll look better. They were a dollar a pair though, so it’s not like I was throwing cash out the window in a big way.

I did throw out a bunch of cash at Vaperite though, which is where we went next. A good friend of mine has one of their reusable electronic cigarettes that’s filled with a blueberry pancake flavored mix. Every time he comes over I have to use it, so I figured it was about time to get one of my own. Hopefully it’ll help with my sugar cravings as well as quitting smoking. Right now it’s filled with butterscotch, but I also picked up strawberry shortcake, blueberry pancake, and “strawberry pixie”, which the lady in the shop gave me to try for free after I told her a joke about me having chronic bitchface.

Last stop was Play N Trade, where I found two more old Spyro games. I realized the other day that I have about half of them and the couple I’ve played were all out of order in the storyline, so I’ve made it my goal to pick up the ones I don’t have and play them all sequentially. So far I’m missing Spyro the Dragon, Year of the Dragon, Enter the Dragonfly, Hero’s Tail, The Eternal Night, and Dawn of the Dragon. I’m trying to get them all for the Playstation systems, even though some of them can be found of Gamecube and/or XBox360, just to have the Sony set. Yes, I’m a nerd among nerds. I like the shitty adventure video games. Haha.

Now my partner is in the shower getting ready for work, and I am sitting here wondering what I’m going to do with my evening, outside of trying to fix this job situation I’m in. (Another long story. Basically I found a job, but the payment options are messed up and I have to fix that before I can start working.) My friend with the Vaperite told me he’d see me tonight, but then he came over Wednesday, so I’m not sure he’ll want to see me again. Hopefully he does. It’d be nice to have some company.


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