The Gun Show

Published January 30, 2013 by Carmen Lamiarum

While I didn’t set any New Years Resolutions this year, I have created a lot of other goals for myself, such as:

1. Walk or run a 5k

2. Find a job I like

3. Get back into dancing

4. Read all the Oz books

5. Write more

And so on.

Most of these goals require me to be in better shape that I am in currently. So something the just happened to occur around New Years was that I cancelled my membership at LA Fitness and opened a years membership at Anytime Fitness instead. It’s much easier to get to the gym at 3AM than at 3PM. Plus, it’s a smaller gym, but I like it better because it has fewer people (usually only one or two other people are there when I go) and because each piece of machinery has it’s own television with a headphone jack. Which means I can watch Family Guy while I’m on the stationary bike. Whoo to the hoo.

So I had a fitness assessment today, which is also offered for free at my gym. Basically Kathy took all my measurements, height and weight, then had me do stairs for three minutes. After that was pushups and crunches for a minute each. Then the treadmill for five minutes. I registered as “poor” with my cardio (no surprise seeing that I smoke a pack a day) and the rest I scored “average”. I’m a C-D student, I guess. But she and I worked out a good starting point for my exercise regimen and I plan to employ nice Mrs. Kathy as my personal trainer once a week for as long as I need to.

Cross your fingers for me that I’ll be back in the club dancing in no time.


4 comments on “The Gun Show

  • That is pretty bad ass! 🙂 Good luck to the best of shape to you…if that even makes any sense! But hey, I knew a guy who use to run marathons, and rock climb and triathlons and so forth, after he crossed the finish line, he would pull out a cigarette, light it up, and start to puff away. And away he would puff, like a steam locomotive, until he ran again.

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